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Special Announcements!


Special note on parking: The MGM Resorts including the Luxor hotel have started charging for parking. However as a West Coast Conference attendee staying at the Luxor in our room block, you will have free parking for the event.

It’s back! The wait is finally over. BGMO Las Vegas is proud to announce the return of the West Coast Conference (WCC). BGMO Las Vegas is getting help from two well established BGMO clubs, Seattle Big Men’s Club and Girth and Mirth of Arizona who have years of experience in providing you BGMO events. We are so excited to have them helping us as we launch the return of West Coast Conference and in our home town of Las Vegas, Nevada.

As we plan this event, we are making sure that you get the best that Las Vegas has to offer. As locals we know our town and are making careful choices. By way of example why the Luxor? Basically it is one of the few hotels that caters to the LGBTQ Community and is on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. In fact, the Luxor plays host to the largest gay pool party every Sunday during the summer and by joining, us you get in for free!

In addition, we are offering you over 40 hours of hospitality suite, world class entertainment, vendor hall, seminars and of course bingo with the sisters. Check out of special discounted pricing that is in place until June 30, 2016 and also check out our hotel page for the special reduced rates for the hotel has given us.


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